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MovingDogs offers massages for dogs. Whether you have a companion animal, sport dog (agility, flyball, tracking etc), show dog or service dog, massage is a great way to maintain your dog's health and well-being, along with regular visits to the vet.

as treatment

Massage provides a gentle and non-invasive therapy that can bring relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation to the dog's muscles and joints. Among other benefits, massage can relieve pain, reduce swelling, reduce stress, bring relief to arthritis-affected joints, relax the dog. All things that make the dog feel better and can also benefit its behavior.



As preparation

You can also link massages with other services. For example, massages prior to a visit to the groomer, the vet, but also shows and competitions, can help the dog relax and reduce anxiety.


When can you give a (sports) massage for your dog:

  • As treatment and prevention of injuries
  • For joint problems
  • With wear
  • After physical trauma
  • After mental trauma
  • In case of startup problems
  • After treatment from a vet
  • In addition to rehabilitation