Every first appointment starts with an introductory meeting and a short questionnaire to see what we want to achieve with the massage. This can be a one-off massage or a series of massages, depending on the complaints and the possibilities of the dog.

1st massage60 mins including intake€ 40,-
follow-up massageapprox 45 mins€ 35,-
Strip card9 massages, 1 free€ 315,-
Dog Touch for Balance€ 35,-

If you have a sport or show dog, please contact us to set up a massage program. Adjusted rates apply for this.

To keep the dog as relaxed as possible, the massages are given at your home (or where the dog is staying). A dog in its own home situation feels more comfortable. If this is impossible you may come to Povoa ee Atalaia.

MovingDogs is located in the Povoa de Atalaia, Fundao region. We charge an additional kilometer allowance of €0.15 per kilometer. All prices include 23% VAT.