What are the benefits of (sports) massage?

Just like us, dogs can also suffer from stiff muscles and joints and they can also suffer injuries, stress, age complaints, and so on. But dogs can also enjoy a good massage just as much as we do.

  • Reduction of stiffness
  • It relieves swelling and inflammation in the joints, thereby reducing pain
  • It improves blood circulation and this ensures a better and faster recovery from diseases, injuries and accidents
  • It teaches the dog to relax
  • It has a positive effect on behavior
  • It ensures a more conscious and better use of his / her body
  • It ensures faster removal of waste
  • Promote dexterity

Massage therefore has a major influence on the skin, muscles and joints. But also on the behavior of the dog. Massage can help anxious and/or stressed dogs very well by letting them relax. Massage is also very helpful with the sport dog, the working dog and the show dog.

Ultimately, all the efforts the masseur makes depends on the dog, and whether he/she accepts the massage or not. However, if the dog feels relaxed and safe, he/she may even fall asleep.