Moving Dogs is all about the dog. The goal is to make them feel better. Everything in the treatment is focused on that. If the dog indicates that the massage is unpleasant or painful, we will adjust the treatment accordingly or stop the treatment altogether. If during the consultation or at the start of the massage it appears that the dog may have an underlying condition, where massage is not or even counterproductive, we will discontinue the treatment and advise you to first visit a veterinarian or dog orthopedist. The rule here applies, when in doubt, do not overtake.

We do not diagnose or provide medical treatment, so a vet is always necessary. Massage is also never a substitute for treatment at the vet, but can at most be additional. If you have any doubts about the health of your dog, always make an appointment with your DA first. The treatment takes place at the dog’s home. This is to reduce excessive stress from traveling and/or another environment. We have a lot of experience with dogs, so we are not easily scared. If your dog is prone to ‘sneaking’ or biting fearfully, we ask you to use a muzzle cap if necessary.

The owner/caregiver of the dog can remain present during the entire treatment. Although massage can provide relief from any complaints or pain for many dogs, there is certainly no 100 percent guarantee that the treatment will always work. This should become apparent from practice, often only in the following days.

Who am I

My name is Maureen Swart and I grew up with dogs. In the past I have always had dogs with a “backpack”, but in 2011 I lost my heart to a special Portuguese breed “Barbado da Terceira”. The first BdT we owned is Jubila Bruxa (2011 – black female). In 2012 we got Fada Sininho (in 2021 she went over the rainbowbridge). In 2014 Mago, a beauty of a yellow male joined our family. In 2015 we got a litter from Bruxa and Mago. One of them, Sonho de Deusa (black female), stayed with us. In 2021 Deusa became a mother and also from this litter we kept a puppy, Diamante Pura (yellow female).

With the exception of Fada Sininho we show with the dogs. The first few years only in Portugal and since 2016 also in France. The Netherlands and Belgium joined in 2019.

What I think is very important with showing is that my dogs like it and that they are all in good health, both mentally and physically. We managed this reasonably well with enough movement (mushing) and brain work, but I still missed something. I noticed that if I was massaging a bit, my dogs also became calmer and started to move differently. That was the point for me to follow a good training for dog (sports) masseur.

In november 2021 we relocated to the Cova da Beira in Portugal. We live in a small farm just 3kilometer outside Povoa de Atalaia, Penedes Gordos.